Fans Are Furious That Deshaun Watson Gets To ‘Negotiate’ With The NFL Over His Punishment

Deshaun Watson Negotiating With NFL Over His Punishment Reactions

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  • A new report says Deshaun Watson is negotiating a discipline settlement with the NFL.
  • Watson was sued by 24 women for alleged inappropriate behavior while receiving massages.
  • NFL fans, unaware that a player could negotiate his discipline, are confused and upset by the report.

A new report by CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson on Thursday regarding Deshaun Watson and the NFL has got many fans very, very upset.

According to Anderson, the NFL, the NFLPA and Deshaun Watson’s advisors are in the midst of trying negotiate a discipline settlement.

What’s that? You didn’t know that players could negotiate their own punishments? Neither did a whole lot of other people.

Anderson also reported on Thursday that “talks involving a potential number of games missed ‘fell apart’ not being on the same page. As of now, process moves forward, per league sources.”

Earlier this week it was reported that Watson had settled 20 of the 24 lawsuits that were pending against him – something the NFL claimed would have “no impact” on his punishment.

The NFL, while repeatedly refusing to give any sort of timeline for when Deshaun Watson will be punished, reportedly would like to give the new Browns quarterback a “lengthy” suspension.

Another report stated that the NFL, and more importantly, the Cleveland Browns, would like to have Watson’s punishment determined before training camp. Browns training camp opens on July 27.

Here’s why Deshaun Watson is getting to negotiate his own punishment

Apparently, thanks to the new collective bargaining agreement, Dan Graziano of ESPN reports, “any recommendation the NFL makes about discipline for Watson — be it a fine, a suspension or both — would then go before retired U.S. District Judge Sue L. Robinson, who serves as a jointly appointed (by the NFL and the NFLPA) discipline officer.”

However, even if the NFL imposes a punishment on Watson and Robinson agrees with it, Deshaun Watson can then still appeal. In that case, the appeal would then be heard by… wait for itNFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who would have the authority to make a final decision.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

Needless to say, news that Deshaun Watson is in the process of negotiating a discipline settlement did not go over well with many NFL fans.