Deshaun Watson Tells A+ Story About Setting An Alarm At 2:01 A.M. To See His First NFL Check Deposited Into His Bank Account

Deshaun Watson explains how he set his alarm at 2:01 in the morning the day he got his first NFL paycheck

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Deshaun Watson is one of the most exciting young players in the NFL, with the Houston Texans quarterback even once being compared to Michael Jordan by his former college coach, Dabo Swinney, which, you know, doesn’t add pressure or anything. Of course, Watson hasn’t disappointed, with the signal-caller being productive and entertaining AF, while making his Texans contenders in the AFC.

Although Deshaun Watson has yet to live up to that whole MJ comparison — that won’t happen until he wins a couple of Super Bowls — he has reached the heights many foresaw from him as a high school kid when he was still just a ball boy for the Atlanta Falcons, where he once actually got tipped $1,000 once for fetching a mouthguard of a player. I mean, the guy is in the NFL, and it doesn’t seem to surprise anyone who knew him 10 years ago; well, except for maybe himself.

Even with Watson being a Pro Bowl quarterback, it’s still surprising to him that he gets to play the sport he loves for a living. Need more proof of that? While talking to Jay Williams on The Boardroom, Deshaun told a story about his giddiness for receiving his first NFL paycheck, admitting that he set an alarm for 2:01 a.m. just so he could see the money deposited and soak in the largest amount of money he’d ever seen in there before. Take a look below at the video.

Could you imagine that night? Take that feeling of being a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for the next morning and multiply it by about a million, because Deshaun Watson just couldn’t wait to get paid from the Texans. How on earth would he be able to go back to sleep after that?

Given the fact Watson’s been so electric and has improved the Texans since coming into the league, the quarterback better get used to having lots of millions of dollars in his bank account moving forward, because the dude is going to get paid with whatever deal he strikes next. Still, there’s nothing better than your first million, and Deshaun Watson’s excitement about seeing it show up in his bank is awesome to hear about.

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