Dez Bryant Mocks Washington’s ‘New’ Team Name, Thinks It’s A Sign The NFL Won’t Have A Season

dez bryant xfl

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On Tuesday afternoon, Adam Schefter broke the news that Washington’s NFL team has settled on a new name, the ‘Washington Football Team,’ until the franchise can officially adopt a new nickname. Essentially, they adopted a placeholder name for their actual new name as they try to work out the logistics of the said new name. It’s a mess, to say the least.

While you (or maybe it’s just me) could argue that ‘Washington Football Team’ actually has a nice ring to it, Dez Bryant doesn’t think so. The free-agent wideout took to Twitter to mock the announcement while also laying out a prediction about the upcoming season.

The fact that Washington hasn’t announced its new nickname yet could mean one of two things. Either the franchise realizes it is in no real rush at all given the uncertainty surrounding the NFL season, or the most likely scenario is that this just Washington being Washington, it’s not exactly the most impressive professional sports organization out there.

Washington ran into a bit of a trademark issue following the announcement that they would be getting rid of the Redskins nickname as a man by the name of Martin McCaulay took it upon himself to obtain the trademarks of many possible replacement names. He’s since told TMZ Sports that he’s offered some of the trademarked names to the team for free, but hasn’t gotten a response back.

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