Yo, Check Out This Tiny Ass Dog Straight Chillin’ In A Baby Carrier At A Baseball Game


NBC Sports

You’ve got to love the hell out of spring training, guys. In addition to all the whacky shit that goes on like games ending in ties, players working out on the warning track during games and guys going unidentified, fans are able to get away with stuff that would otherwise be unacceptable during the regular season.

Take this Phillies fan who brought his tiny pup to the game today—in a fucking baby carrier.

[mlbvideo id=”568431583″ width=”640″ height=”360″ /]

The dog looks as cool as a cucumber just chillin’ in that thing, completely unamused as if he were a supermodel on a beach just accepting the fact that every person who passes by is going to stare, so get a good look, guys.


NBC Sports

Once the owner of the canine realizes that his dog just became the most famous pup in America, he goes as wild as you might expect, taking its little paws and clapping them together.

In other news, how about that flow ol’ dude’s got going on? That’s impressive in its own right.

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