Donald Cerrone Says Conor McGregor ‘Writes Checks His Ass Can’t Check’ And The UFC ‘Protects Him’

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is ranked in the top 10 of both the UFC Lightweight rankings as well as in the Welterweight division. So he’s no slouch. In fact, he holds the record for most post-fight bonuses (Fight/Performance of the Night, Knockout/Submissions of the Night) in UFC/WEC history with 18. He’s 31-7-1 in his MMA career and is one of the busiest fighters in the UFC.

He also really doesn’t like Conor McGregor and says that none of the other fighters like him either.

Appearing on Boomer and Carton, Cerrone said that the UFC “has sugar coated” McGregor…

“Vocally he writes checks his ass can’t check. You rise fast, you fall fast.”

I think it’s actually “writes checks his ass can’t cash,” Donald, but we get your point.

When asked if, despite not liking McGregor, does he appreciate the notoriety McGregor brings to the sport, Cerrone had this to say…

“No, everybody dislikes the kid. We were sitting at the MSG press conference and he was 20 minutes late. We had to be there on time – he’s 20 minutes late. It’s not the Conor show bro.”

When Esiason mentioned that perhaps behavior like that could lead to a fight at a presser Cerrone said it wouldn’t happen…

“Oh, but they (the UFC) protect him. He’s very protected. He doesn’t stand in line with the rest of us. They gotta take him away because we’ll just beat his ass. I’d beat his ass up and down the mat.”

I’d pay to see that, which I suppose is kind of the point.

The entire discussion starts around the 2:05 mark below…

In other McGregor news, for perhaps the first time ever, someone finally got one over on McGregor at a press conference. On Wednesday night, McGregor’s UFC 205 opponent Eddie Alvarez was actually able to get under Conor’s skin a little bit. Even getting him to remove his “stupid ass glasses” as Alvarez called them.

Too funny.

November 12th and UFC 205 can’t get here fast enough.

H/T Bob’s Blitz; SportsGrid