Donald Trump Asks Twitter Who Is Winning The Democratic Debate And Curt Schilling’s Response Just Won The Internet

Getty Image / Jim Davis/The Boston Globe

In August, Curt Schilling took a brief hiatus from Twitter after he shot off a tweet comparing Muslims to Nazis. When he received tidal wave of backlash on Twitter, he did the old “that came across the wrong way” backpedal. You’d think that backing down to the critics would be an indicator that Schilling recognized he was out of his lane and would steer clear of divisive political stances in the future.

But, we’re talking about the guy who spoke about banging his wife while commentating in the booth. He’s pretty much said ‘fuck it’ at this point. And the biggest signal of that is the tweet he said in response to Donald Trumps question about whose winning the Democratic debate.




Schilling has won three World Series, gone bankrupt, had cancer, and has already experienced the flare ups of faux internet outrage. This tweet was child’s play for him. I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t called the Pope a pussy yet, just to shake things up.

Stay tuned.