Jazz Star Donovan Mitchell Sparks Another Heated UNO Rules Debate On The Internet

Donovan Mitchell Sparks Controversial UNO Rules Debate On The Internet

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Here we go again. This time we can thank Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz for sparking yet another controversial and heated rules debate among people on the internet over the popular card game of UNO. And he did it with just one simple tweet.

Mitchell, much like many others, is spending some time with his family this week and doing what many families do when they get together and played a few games of UNO.

Also as many (all) families do when they get together, especially when playing a game, a dispute arose about the rules that should be in effect.

“Do you have to say uno out when you play your last card in @realUNOgame ??? Heated debate rn wit the fam,” Mitchell tweeted his followers looking for some clarification.

He even added a poll as an added measure of rules confirmation.

The results?

I have literally never heard of that rule being used in the game of UNO in my entire life. Yes, when you’re down to one card you do have to say “UNO,” but “UNO out” is a new one in my household. Which is why I sit here stunned today that 61.9% of 56,966 people say that it is, somehow, a rule.

Of course, the official UNO Twitter account, as they always do, had to weigh in and stir the pot even further.

Soooo, it’s not an official rule? I feel better now. Others, however…? Not all of them agreed. (Just the smart ones.)

Oh God… Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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