Downhill Longboarding During Epic Rainstorms Should Be A New Sport Because This Looks Wild And Scary AF

‘Downhill longboarding in the rain’, let’s go ahead and get a petition going to make this a sport in next year’s Summer X-Games because it looks pretty damn awesome. And don’t misunderstand me here, this is NOT a sport I want to participate in myself, I’d just like to see this become ‘a thing’ because it would lead to some truly epic wipeout videos.

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Under the perfect circumstances, I suppose I’d be open to giving this a shot myself, but those circumstances would require that I was wearing head-to-toe pads and wrapped in bubble wrap. I’m not trying to break my arm or kneecap in Pentiction, British Columbia and be forced to sponge up some of that free health care all of those socialist Canadians are so high on. Pentiction, BC is where this video was filmed, by the way, way up in the Pacific Northwest on the wettest hills around. No, if I’m going to break my bones while longboarding down a wet mountain I want to do it here in America and get a medical bill that serves as a reminder of my stupidity.

But I suck at longboarding, these bros don’t, they’ve got crazy skills even on that wet road, save for a few mistakes….

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(h/t GrindTV)