Draymond Green Said He Held Back Tears After Learning Of All-Star Selection For The Most Hilarious Reason

by 3 years ago


While Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green—and his mom—were bummed after he wasn’t selected as a starter for this year’s NBA All-Star Game, there was some silver lining today when he found out that he was named a reserve for the Western Conference squad.

Making his first All-Star Game after being a second round pick a few years ago, Green talked to the TNT crew tonight about how he found out, telling them that he almost cried upon hearing the news, but held back for the best reason ever:

“Raymond Ridder, the head of our PR department, actually set me up. He told me, ‘We need you to do this interview for CSN Bay Area. Just come in about 1:30 to do the interview.’ I sat down to do the interview, and once I started doing the interview, I heard my mom’s voice. So I thought I was tripping. But I’m like, ‘Ma?’ And she’s like, ‘Day Day! Day Day! Day Day!’ And I’m like, ‘Ma?’ And she told me then, ‘You’re an All-Star.’

“I almost started crying, but I knew I was on TV, and I didn’t want them to kill me on Instagram, make me the crying face instead of Jordan Hall of Fame.”

You’ve got to love Dray’s honesty there, knowing how the popular MJ meme has, seemingly, found its way into sports culture EVERY FUCKING TIME a sports team loses a big game or messes up.

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