WAY Too Many People Got Riled Up Because Drew Brees Took A Picture With Donald Trump At The College Football Playoff National Championship

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At the risk of wading too deep into the political thicket, I’d like to at least attempt to objectively examine the current mindset of the American electorate with a special focus on the feelings they hold toward the man who is currently at the helm of the executive branch.

To some people, Donald Trump is a much-needed breath of fresh air who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and who was the perfect pick to run the powerful most country in the world based on the lessons he learned while managing the various companies that allowed him to amass billions of dollars.

To others, Trump is a man who has shown he’d put about the same amount of thought into ordering a nuclear strike as he has when deciding to hit the “Send” button on one of his unhinged tweets and has The Apprentice to thank for convincing the world he’s a successful mogul despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, including his multiple bankruptcies and his refusal to release tax returns that would make his actual net worth known.

As a result, it’s safe to say he’s a slightly divisive figure, and at this point, there aren’t many people who are on the fence when it comes to forming an opinion on him; you’re either firmly in his camp or hoping an army of rabid raccoons marches through that camp to tear apart the tents and ransack the supplies.

Trump has seemingly convinced himself he’s a universally adored figure but got a bit of a reality check last October when he took a short field trip to attend a World Series game in our nation’s capital and was met with resounding boos.

It was only natural that he decided to seek out some less hostile territory and there was no better way to virtually guarantee he’d receive a warm welcome than attending a football game between two of the nation’s military branches.

On Monday, he was also welcomed with (mostly) open arms by the people who gathered in Louisiana for the College Football Playoff National Championship game between LSU and Clemson.

Trump rubbed shoulders with a number of other famous people while at the Super Dome—like Vince Vaughn, whose handshake with the president was criticized even more than his performance in the second season of True Detective.

Drew Brees also managed to rustle a fair amount of jimmies and found himself facing some blowback after a photo of him posing for a picture with Trump started to make the rounds.

Here’s a brief sampling of the many people who weren’t exactly thrilled with the Saints quarterback.

I personally don’t have any issue with people who don’t like Drew Brees liking someone they don’t like and they should feel free to exercise the right to free speech granted to them by this great country’s constitution.

With that said, it’s a bit ill-advised to suggest Brees was attempting to make some sort of political statement here, as he visited Obama at the White House when the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2010 and even filmed a commercial with the guy.

There’s a time for torches and pitchforks and this is not one of them.

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