Drew Lock Responds To Colin Cowherd Saying ‘Cool Dance Moves, Win More Games, Cub Scout’

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Nothing makes Colin Cowherd happier than when his predictions are correct about a young quarterback in the NFL turning into a bust. It’s Cowherd’s job to give predictions about sports, so instead of focusing on the fact that he inevitably gives dozens of incorrect predictions on ‘The Herd’ every single day, the ones that stick are the ones that he brings up more often than not.

On Sunday, Cowherd fired off a tweet saying “Watching Justin Herbert & Drew Lock on the same field today — can’t give John Elway much confidence going forward.” Fast-forward about an hour later and Lock had helped the Broncos come back against Herbert and the Chargers.

Despite Lock’s efforts in the comeback win, Cowherd piled on the second-year QB during his show on Tuesday putting him in the same camp of ‘busts’ like Baker Mayfield and Jameis Winston while also calling him a Boy Scout.

“We have a new cool guy. I was right on [Johnny] Manziel, I was right on Baker [Mayfield], I was right on Cam [Newton], I was right on Jameis Winston,” Cowherd said. “Too silly, show-boat, too cool. I was right. It’s 4-for-4. Bring your argument on. Here’s number five. I’m not into Drew Lock. Cool dancing. Win more games, Cub Scout. Win more games.”

Lock was asked about Cowherd’s negative comments, specifically about his dance moves, and the former Missouri quarterback gave a great response.

When it’s all said and done, Cowherd simply hates seeing quarterbacks dance. Lock, Manziel, Newton, Winston, and Mayfield all love to bust a move after a touchdown or in the locker room. Cowherd would probably rather see a quarterback celebrate by remaining calm and offering up nothing but ass slaps to his offensive linemen.

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