‘Drone Surfing’ Looks Like The Most Badass Sport Of The 21st Century And I Need To Try This Out Immediately

And just like that ‘drone surfing’ was born. It’s a cross between skimboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, and drone racing. To participate, all you need is a semi-powerful drone, access to relatively flat water, and a towline (the same that you’d use in wakeboarding).

The clip above has been going crazy viral in the extreme sports world over the past few days, ever since Freefly Systems first dropped it on their YouTube channel, and for good reason. It would be nearly impossible to fly the drone while riding yourself, though I suspect someone will pull this off in the future at some point. What this means for wakeboarding/skurfing though is the boundaries of the frontier have just been pushed back. Until now you needed a boat or a cable park to go riding, and at the flick of a button you can now get up and ride behind drones.

Will wakeboarding/surfing behind drones ever replace boats or cable parks? Hell no, you still want the wake of a boat to produce large waves. But for people who prefer to ride the rails and jumps of a cable park this is definitely a game changer.