Drunk Ravens Fan Bizarrely Tried To Climb Into Radio Booth During Live Broadcast While Looking For A Drink

Getty Image

The Baltimore Ravens radio team faced an interesting situation on Sunday.

Fans in Baltimore listening in to the Bengals-Ravens on local radio could hear color analyst Obafemi “Femi” Ayanbadejo yelling out, “What—what, what, what are you doing? What are you doing?”

Minutes later, the team’s play-by-play announcer Gerry Sandusky explained that a drunk Ravens fan had attempted to climb into the booth and asked for a drink.

“If you were listening, you heard Femi say ‘What are you doing? What are you doing?’ He was not talking to the players or coaches. We actually had a fan who was trying to climb into the broadcast booth,” “She said, ‘I’m a veteran, and I’m looking for a drink.’”

Here’s audio of the incident as it happened live on air.