4 Of The Best Dunkers Give Everything They’ve Got In A ‘Longest Slam Dunk’ Contest

  • In this ‘Dunk League’ competition, the dunkers are going at it in the Longest Dunk Competition ever recorded to stretch distance and creativity
  • With just a handful of street ballers left in this $50,000 slam dunk contest the jammers are going all out to impress the judges and best their competition
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This season of Dunk League by Whistle is flying by. The athletes are competing in a series of slam dunk challenges in pursuit of $50,000 and the bragging rights of being named the Dunk League champion and one of the best dunkers on the planet.

Last week’s competition was tight. The dunkers were being judged by NBA Slam Dunk Contest legend Nate Robinson and the week’s challenge was to recreate iconic NBA Dunk Contest dunks but add some personal flavor. Dan Gross entered last week with the fewest points but survived a double elimination challenge by impressing guest judge Nate Robinson and enters this week with some momentum.

This week’s competition is all about distance. You’d know that by now if you’d just hit that ‘play’ button on that video above (or below). In this ‘Going The Distance’ challenge the judge’s scores are made up of a combination of distance and creativity. Check it out:

For what it’s worth, the world record for the ‘longest dunk ever’ is completely unattainable in this setting. It was a 32 foot, 9.7-inch dunk where the person dunking used a trampoline. And the longest jump in history came from the legendary Mike Powell when he jumped 8.95 meters, or 29.36 feet, in a competition back in 1963.

Also, Michael Jordan’s longest dunk was estimated at about 14 feet for anyone out there wondering.

So this week’s Dunk League challenge wasn’t ONLY about distance as we just saw, it’s also equally about creativity. On top of that, while there are weekly challenges and prize money there’s also the overall point totals and despite fighting off double elimination last week Dan Gross finished in last place (overall) this week.

Jonathan Clark is in 1st place overall with 158.1 points to Isaiah Rivera’s 126.9, Jordan Kilganon’s 169, and Dan Gross’ 109.9 in last place. That means Jonathan Clark is safe and the other three dunkers go to a dunk off. The judge’s final decision was Jordan Kilganon would move on to D-U-N-K to face Jonathan Clark and that’s where we stand now.

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