Dwight Howard Accidentally Leaks DMs Of His ‘Wife’ Grilling Him About His ‘Friends’ During IG Live Stream Of Lakers’ Celebration

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Dwight Howard became an NBA champion tonight but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to answer questions from his soon-to-be wife. Howard has gone through plenty of ups and downs over the course of his NBA career and while all of that finally culminated in a title on Sunday night, the celebration wasn’t necessarily as sweet as he might’ve hoped. 

After the Lakers won their NBA championship, Dwight took to Instagram live to film the team’s celebration, and he delivered an emotional heartfelt speech about never giving up on your dreams.

During his live stream, Dwight leaked a DM from a person he labeled as “wife” on his phone that many are assuming is his fiancee Te’a Cooper. In the DMs, it appeared that she was grilling him about his ‘friends.”

The Internet had some funny reactions to Dwight’s DMs.

Despite the DMs, Dwight and his fiancee seem to be enjoying the team’s championship win together. Cooper has gone on record before that she doesn’t really get bothered by anything, and apparently that includes being engaged to an NBA superstar. Per a recent interview with BaylorBears.com when asked about how she deals with people commenting on her engagement to Howard, Cooper said, “because nobody really says anything. If I’m somewhere, and they’re all talking about it, I couldn’t hear you unless you told me. So, I don’t really get bothered by anything.”

Or at least that is what she wants us to believe.

One thing we will miss about the NBA bubble will the steady stream of crazy leaks and quality content that it has provided.

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