‘E:60 Presents — WWE: Behind The Curtain’ Explores The Part Of Wrestling Fans Don’t Realize Exists

by 4 years ago

Am I excited about the upcoming E:60 Presents — WWE: Behind The Curtain? Sure. Will this be a real, in-depth and honest look at the lives and careers of current and former WWE wrestlers? Not even close.

A true documentary, something along the lines of Beyond The Mat, will likely never be seen again unless it’s done with hidden cameras or after wrestlers leave the WWE and have no chance of returning. Vince and Co. would never let a camera crew see the true inner guts of the WWE because that’s all part of suspending the disbelief. But it’s a start. At least it’s not an E! produced look that involves Diva storylines spilling out into the ring (and vice versa) or a WWE Network production.

I’ll watch but hope for a 3o for 30 somewhere down the line.

[via Wrestling Inc.]