The Unknown Vegas Gambler Who Won $14 Million Letting It Ride In The World Series Is Betting Millions On The Eagles

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Three months ago, an unknown gambler made a very, very large bet during the World Series and, incredibly, let it ride until Game 6. He reportedly won over $14 million on the bet, then cashed out going into Game 7 of the World Series between the Astros and the Dodgers.

Now he’s back and dumping a HUGE pile of money on the Philadelphia Eagles the Super Bowl. The Birds are the Vegas underdog by a lot against Touchdown Tommy and the Patriots in #SpyGateRevenge2018, so an eight-figure $10m bet from an Eagles win will *likely* double his net worth.

Or, ya know, he’ll lose it all.

Ballsy. I like it, though. Eagles by a million, you heard it (*literally everywhere outside of Boston*) first.



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