Eagles Fan Kept Juicy Receipts Of Every Media Pundit Doubting Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts

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A Philadelphia Eagles fan kept receipts of every media pundit doubting Jalen Hurts the team and turned it into the ultimate pre-Super Bowl hype video.

Now that the Philadelphia Eagles are headed back to their second Super Bowl in six years, they can gloat a little. Some believe a win against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs could even kickstart a mini-dynasty with Jalen Hurts.

But Jalen Hurts and the Eagles’ path to Super Bowl LVII was plagued by haters, of which, there were many.

One Eagles fan kept receipts of every talking head in the media who doubted Jalen Hurts’ ability to win it all. The media pundits who suggested Philly blow it all up. And that Eagles fan kept receipts to turn it all into a glorious pre-Super Bowl hype video.

Eagles Fan Kept Receipts On All The Jalen Hurts Doubters

The top comment reads “He making them EAT EVERY SINGLE WORD!!!” The ‘he’ here, of course, is Jalen Hurts.

Another person commented “The way they were hating on dude made me wanna root for him. Secondly. The way KC and refs cheated Cincy made me wanna root for the eagles too.”

One commenter can’t get enough of Jalen Hurts, saying “Ba-by!!!! He coming for everything they said he couldn’t have. And it #HurtsSoGood”

The Jalen Hurts support in the comments has hit a fever pitch with this one “This is his second season and he was hurt for the games they lost. I don’t see how they didn’t think Jalen would be good. It’s crazy to me. Oklahoma’s quarterbacks usually carry them and that’s exactly what he did. Alabama’s quarterbacks usually do what they’re told and can’t lead a team after college. Jalen is the man and did exactly what he needed to do to become what he is now, a leader and a good quarterback.”

Eagles vs Chiefs, who ya got?

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