An Eagles Fan Got A Detailed Tom Brady Strip Sack Tattoo Because YOLO, They Won The Damn Super Bowl

Eagles Fan Tom Brady Strip Sack Tattoo

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A Philadelphia Eagles fan named Anthony Mazziotti, much the rest of his Philly brethren, is still basking in the glow of his team’s long-awaited Super Bowl LII victory. And since this is obviously a guy who understands the fact that moments and memories like that don’t come around very often, he marked the historical event by getting a very detailed Tom Brady strip sack tattoo.

Can’t really say that I blame him. I’m a Chicago White Sox and Tennessee Titans fan and I have basically conceded that I will never see another (or first) world championship from either of those teams for the rest of my life. So you do you, Anthony.

Plus, Brandon Graham’s strip sack of TB12, the first turnover of the game, did pretty much seal the deal for the Iggles.

“It was a five-point game with a chance to win the Super Bowl,” said Brady in the last episode of Tom vs. Time. “With two minutes and twenty seconds left. I mean, I thought we were going to go down and score. I thought we were going to win the game. You know, the drive got started, and we gained yards. It was a second down play and it just happened so quick. And that’s… you know, I thought about that play 500 times in five days. God, you know, what should I have done?”

Mazziotti wrote in the caption to the photo of his new ink, “might have taken a while and my skin might look angry, but I have my Eagles Super Bowl tattoo, a Polaroid of @sack_55 strip-sacking Tom Brady with just over 2 minutes left in the game. Shout out @deannaverrico for absolutely crushing it!”

Nicely done. And I’m guessing based on what he wrote at the beginning of training camp that Brandon Graham would definitely approve.

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