Ed Orgeron Reached A New Level Of Not Caring During Saturday’s Loss To Alabama

Ed Orgeron Alabama Carefree Attitude Sideline Demeanor

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  • During Saturday’s loss to Alabama, Coach O could not have given less of a f**k.
  • He is coaching completely carefree before his time with LSU is over and it’s hilarious.
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We should all aspire to live our lives with as free and easy of an attitude as Ed Orgeron has about doing literally anything these days. The current, already-fired head coach of Louisiana State football simply has nothing to lose and he knows it.

The 60-year-old was fired without cause, so he will make $4.2 million to not coach the Tigers. He is well aware of how much he is getting paid to take some time off and was very clear in his first press conference after being fired that he looks forward to a vacation and a cheeseburger.

A week later, his body language could not have been funnier on the sideline against Ole Miss. And then, in his press conference ahead of the Alabama game, Orgeron said absolutely nothing of substance and was completely checked out. It’s hilarious.

As LSU took the field against the Crimson Tide over the weekend, Orgeron achieved peak carefreeness.

He then got lost in the on-field pregame festivities while he was running out of the tunnel and was having a grand old time throughout the game.

A video montage of his antics on the sideline are truly glorious. It begins with Orgeron holding up “Ls” to the crowd and beating his chest, continues to show him emphatically signaling first down with a big smile on his face, and ends with him taunting the crowd after losing by six.

Take a look at the hilarity:

There are three games left in the Orgeron era in Baton Rouge: Arkansas, Louisiana Monroe and Texas A&M. The Tigers are currently 4-5, so they need to win two of three to reach bowl eligibility.

If you are a fan of college football, all things funny and having a good time, you should be rooting for a bowl game swan song for Orgeron. Can you imagine how little he would hold back?

Orgeron spoke about his on-field attitude against Alabama on Monday and he basically said, in so many words, “we had nothing to lose so we just sent it.”

Carefree, already fired Coach O is the best Coach O.