Eli Manning’s So Bad That He Kills The Giants’ Betting Odds When He’s The Starting QB

Eli Manning starting at QB for the Giants actually makes their betting odds so much worse

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Eli Manning’s sort of the like the Rodney Dangerfield of NFL quarterbacks; he just can’t get no respect. While the former No. 1 overall pick has a legendary last name, two Super Bowl titles on his resume, a bunch of Giants’ passing records and a probable Hall of Fame induction down the line, poor Eli continues to be dragged through the mud in the waning years of his career.

It’s one thing for the G-Men to select Eli Manning’s predecessor early on in the draft — as they did this year by taking Daniel Jones at No. 6 overall — but it’s a whole different animal when, even at this stage of his career, Eli’s being crapped on by absolutely everyone. And the latest example of that? Vegas, who thinks that, by starting Manning in Week 1 against the Cowboys this week, the Giants betting odds actually worsen.

Thanks to Nick Veronica of NBC Sports and The Buffalo News, who outlined how each NFL starting quarterback impacts the point spread of Week 1 games, you’ll notice that one sports book actually gives the Giants a point with Eli Manning starting, while nearly every other starting signal-caller would impact their team’s chances of winning negatively if they were sidelined. Take a look below at the details.

Well, damn, talk about some serous disrespect on Eli Manning’s name, huh? The Giants, who are currently a 7-point underdog in Week 1 against the Cowboys, might want to rethink their decision to start Eli. Not because the team should give a damn about sports gamblers, but because he honestly might throw three interceptions and 350 yards in a embarrassing loss. Don’t act like you don’t see that happening.

Poor Eli Manning really is the butt of every NFL joke, so here’s hoping he can silence all those doubters and hold off Jones from taking the starting gig for the Giants all season long — while actually winning some games for them, too, just so Vegas changes its mind about him.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)

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