Emmanuel Acho Thanks Twitter For ‘Shaming’ His Hilarious ‘Weed Is Dangerous Whilst Javelin Throwing’ Take

Emmanuel Acho weed apology


I’ve smoked weed for quite some time now. Perhaps longer than I’d like to admit here on the world wide web. Everyone has their reasons and I’ve had mine. Given the way in which prescription pills have ravaged this country in recent decades, perhaps weed smokers were actually ahead of the curve when it comes to self-care. But that’s not for me, nor you, to judge.

What we can certainly judge, though, was a truly befuddling weed take from Fox Sports football analyst Emmanuel Acho, who unequivocally had one of the most absurd responses to the whole Sha’Carri Richardson-suspended-from-the-Olympics-because-of-weed situation.

On July 2, just a day after it was announced that the 21-year-old Richardson would not be allowed to compete at this Summer’s Tokyo Olympics because of a positive weed test, Acho tweeted and deleted the following scorcher (which was accompanied by a video of one of his Fox Sports segments):

“Legalizing weed in track and field competition is all good if you’re running in a straight line. Legalizing weed in track and field competition is terribly dangerous if you throw the javelin. Where do we draw line.”

Needless to say, Acho was turned into a viral meme almost immediately, as the notion of getting high and tossing javelins seemed to immediately tickle the internet’s funny bone:

After spending the weekend as the subject of Twitter’s ire, Acho has apparently pulled a 180 on weed, as he posted a Twitter video on Sunday night thanking the internet for “shaming” him, which in turn led him to further educate himself on the issue of marijuana:

It just goes to show that in the year 2021, nothing will cause you to change your tune faster than being ruthlessly turned into a meme.

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