Emmanuel Sanders Got Super Pissy At Dan Le Betard For Asking Him About Lisa Ann Wanting To ‘Cook’ For Him


Over her 15 year porn career, Lisa Ann has self-admittedly banged hundreds of professional athletes. One particularly memorable story for Lisa was when she was lying in bed with an unnamed NBA veteran and multi-time All-Star, the player saw his name scroll across the bottom of the screen announcing his trade. He jumped out of bed in a frantic state and scooted out soon thereafter.

Earlier today, we brought you the news of Lisa Ann’s desire to cook dinner for Emmanuel Sanders following his Super Bowl win. Back in August, Lisa made an offer that she would cook dinner to any members of a team that won a championship.

Welp, Sanders was the chosen one for being a “fun to watch and an entertainer.”

Good news, right?! You and I would turn our bedrooms into glazed donuts after hearing that news.

But Emmanuel wasn’t overcome with joy, or at least didn’t show it when speaking to Dan Le Batard on his show today. He showed quite the opposite when asked about it.

“Is this a sports show, man?” he asked. “This a sports show. That’s awesome, man. She want to cook dinner for me, that’s awesome. I don’t really have anything to say about that. What do you want me to…?”

After Le Betard quickly steered the conversation back to football, he got under Sanders’ skin once again when trying to bait him into playing  “What They Look Like”– a game centered around comparing famous people’s appearance to other things. He tripped up when he used Broncos coaches Wade Phillips and Gary Kubiak in the game. Sanders up and left soon thereafter.

He took to Twitter to rip Le Betard for the interview.


Lisa Ann may rescind her offer. Which would be a tragedy.

Check out the whole interview below:

[h/t Complex]

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