The Entire State of Maryland Is Losing Its Shit Over This New Ray Lewis Statue

by 6 years ago


This morning outside M&T Bank Stadium, the Baltimore Ravens unveiled a new statue of their legendary captain Ray Lewis.

The above sentence makes it sound a lot more normal than the entire even actually was. In fact, the statue was unveiled to the tune of smoke and fire, and the statue itself depicts Number 52 in the middle of his iconic dance.

IS THAT NOT THE BADDEST ASS STATUE YOU’VE EVER SEEN? I’m not a Ravens fan, and aside from Ray Rice’s problems I have no reason to hate on the Ravens, so I’m not just blowing smoke up their asses. That is in fact the most badass statue I’ve ever seen….though the fire probably puts it over the top.

Several Vines were also captured at the event. The unveiling:


And of course Ray Lewis himself had to bust out one last dance for the fans, it just wouldn’t have been right without it…


Alright, now’s the time for all you haters to drop down in the comments and tell me the myriad of reasons that Ray Lewis makes your ass chaffe…or you can hit me up on Twitter HERE if you’d rather berate me directly.

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