Eric Decker Fell Victim To An Evil Prank When A Male Massage Therapist Got Handsy With His Wife

Eric Decker Massage Wife Jessie James Prank

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Jessie James Decker is one of my favorite sports wives. In fact, she might be my favorite. Obviously, she’s gorgeous, but that’s not what makes her one of my favorites. What makes her one of my favorites is that she is one of the most funny, candid wives in sports. I suppose that has a lot to do with her also being a star in her own field, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s very cool.

What other WAG out there talks about what she did when a fan sent her husband, Eric Decker, a nude DM? Or admits that she has to schedule times to have sex with her husband? Or brags about the size of her husband’s hog when he scores a TD?

You see what I am getting at here, right? She’s awesome.

Well, apparently Jessie and Eric have their own television show. Why? I have no idea, but they do. And on this show, Jessie decided to play a little prank on her husband for Father’s Day after he screwed up her Mother’s Day gift.

Recycling a Christmas card for Mother’s Day? That’s a bold move, Cotton.

As you could tell, that didn’t go over very well with Jessie so she decided to exact some payback involving a couple of massage therapists.

Here’s how it went down…

“Your skin is taking the lotion really well. You don’t really need that much, it’s pretty soft,” the massage therapist says to Jessie. “I got a private studio at my house.”

“I have no idea what is going on. This guy is touching my wife and saying things that shouldn’t be said in professional company,” says an obviously bothered Eric. “Is this actually a professional company, is this a legit company?”

When Jessie says, “Whoa, that’s my boob there,” it’s all about over for Eric. “I’m about to take him outside and let him know that he’s not welcome back to our house,” he warns.

Then Jessie asks the masseur, “Do you need me to take my panties off?” Annnnd that’s where he lost it…

Awesome. Love her.

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