Erin Andrews Says She Cried When She First Heard Joe Buck And Troy Aikman Were Leaving FOX

Erin Andrew Reacts To Joe Buck, Troy Aikman Leaving FOX For ESPN

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  • Erin Andrews details her reaction to the news of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman leaving FOX Sports.
  • Andrews said she cried when she first heard the news of the two going to ESPN.
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When NFL fans tune in to games on FOX next season, Erin Andrews will be one of only a few familiar faces with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman both bolting from the network.

Aikman was the first of the two to leave FOX for ESPN then the news came of Buck signing a five-year deal between $12 and $13 million with the worldwide leader. The two will call Monday Night Football games for the network moving forward.

Andrews first joined FOX back in June of 2012 and has spent many years working closely with both Buck and Aikman. The news of them leaving hit her pretty hard, as she explained that she began crying when first hearing the news.

For Andrews, it’s like she’s losing two family members, she explained on her podcast ‘Calm Down with Erin and Charissa.’

“Every Thanksgiving I am with them. Past two Christmases I’ve been with them … They’ve listened to my fertility issues, they knew about my cancer issues,” Andrews explained.

“I’ve listened to them [talk about] their daughters or having their babies and things like that. It’s just crazy, they literally become your family, and they at times are closer to you than your actual blood family or husband or anything like that.”

Erin Andrews Not Mad At Her Co-Workers For Leaving

The 43-year-old reporter isn’t upset with Buck and Aikman for leaving. After all, she pulled the same move back in 2012, just the other way around when she left ESPN to join the FOX family.

There have been reports that Andrews could leave FOX ahead of the upcoming NFL season as well with her contract set to expire, but there hasn’t been an update in that area so far.