Let’s All Laugh At The ESPN Personality Who Cracked The Same Lame Joke On Twitter OVER 16 TIMES



ESPN personality is an oxymoron since most of the talking heads on the worldwide leader are usually devoid of any. Here’s a perfect example from the Twitter feed of Monday Morning Quarterback contributor and obvious owner of stock in medical equipment, Andrew Brandt.

Not everyone can be funny on Twitter (I can) so it’s acceptable to recycle a good joke or pun once in a while. Mr. Brandt has used the same unfunny joke over sixteen times when commenting on photos of real but seemingly indigestible food.

Brandt is that guy cracking jokes that aren’t funny but repeating them because he thinks no one heard, when actually, no body cared. Also served with defibrillators — Brandt’s columns.

H/T Deadspin