ESPN’s Jeff Darlington Says That He Would Be ‘Stunned’ If Tom Brady Is A Patriot Next Season

tom brady leaving patriots

Getty Image / Tim Warner

It feels like every day that there’s no solid news about Tom Brady the more likely it is that he isn’t going to be a New England Patriot next season. Last week we learned that Brady isn’t even telling his buddies Matt Damon or Ben Affleck anything about the situation and on Thursday ESPN’s Jeff Darlington emphatically explained that it’s more likely than not that Brady’s time as a Patriot is over.

Darlington, who has been touted as the insider most involved in the Brady situation, joined Get Up and delivered quite the statement explaining that it’s tough to wrap our heads around that Brady could be wearing a different uniform next season, but he would be stunned if that isn’t the case.

“No matter how many times we say that Tom Brady is likely to not play for the Patriots next year, I either get blasted or get told that I am wrong. That makes sense because we can not wrap our heads around it. There are people very close to Tom Brady who are being told by Tom Brady that it’s not going to happen, I’m going somewhere else, that’s the way we’re operating here in those circles.”

“We need to wrap our minds around the fact that it is far more likely than not that Tom Brady will not be back with the Patriots.”

Darlington’s statement about the sports world not being able to wrap our heads around this idea of Brady playing elsewhere does make sense. We’ve all grown so accustomed to seeing Brady in New England standing side by side with Bill Belichick, but it’s certainly starting to sound like it’ll be Brady and a new head coach next season.

As for the most likely landing spot for Brady, Darlington recently explained that he thinks that the Titans are the favorite to sign the six-time Super Bowl champ.