ESPN Reporter Says She’s ‘Scarred’ By The Urban Meyer Video, Explains Why He Wouldn’t Fit At Notre Dame

espn reporter scarred urban meyer video

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  • The infamous Urban Meyer lap dance video has been permanently etched in many people’s minds, and that includes ESPN’s Heather Dinich.
  • Dinich says she was “scarred” by the video.
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Given his track record as a college football head coach, Urban Meyer’s name is going to get tossed into the rumor mill every time the college football coaching carousel turns. So, to no surprise, the Urban Meyer to Notre Dame rumors have heated up following Brian Kelly’s departure for LSU.

On Tuesday’s edition of ‘Get Up,’ Mike Greenberg asked college football reporter Heather Dinich to share her thoughts about the rumors and explain whether or not she thought Meyer would be a fit in South Bend.

Dinich made it crystal clear that Meyer wouldn’t be a good fit at Notre Dame. For her, the video of Meyer dancing with a blonde at an Ohio bar earlier this season sealed his fate, so to speak. She also revealed that she was “scarred” by the video of Meyer getting danced on.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t,” Dinich explained. “Urban’s made his choices, and not all of them have been great. Is he a good coach? Yeah, he won at Ohio State. We’ve seen some issues. We’ve seen some videos. I’m scarred by those videos.”

Saying you are “scarred” by seeing a grown woman dancing on a grown man is a bit much, but given Dinich’s smile, her comment has to be a bit tongue-in-cheek. If she’s being serious, well, it’s a pretty bizarre thing to say you’re scarred by adults dancing, regardless of how uncomfortable the video is.

However, it is a safe bet to assume that Meyer wouldn’t be a great cultural fit at a catholic private school such as Notre Dame.

The videos of him being grinded on at a bar are only part of the problem there. Meyer was also suspended three games in 2018 after he mishandled domestic assault allegations as Ohio State’s head coach.

The vast majority of Jaguars fans probably wouldn’t be disappointed to see Meyer bolt back to the college coaching ranks, but he’s said a number of times he has no interest in doing so.