Excited Pittsburgh Cop Gives Excited Pittsburgh Cop Reaction To William Gay’s Pick-Six



Standing on the sidelines at a Steelers game has to rank pretty high on the cushy jobs list for Pittsburgh police officers. The hardest part of the gig is probably ushering Mike Tomlin out to midfield for a BUSINESSLIKE handshake with the opposing coach without going full fanboy.

One officer who scored the assignment for yesterday’s destruction of the Indianapolis Colts didn’t try to remain impartial when Gay intercepted an Andrew Luck pass and took it back to the house for a touchdown.


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His 1-2 combination of pointing and then yelling “boom” is pretty much how I envision every police officer celebrating a big play for his favorite team. It’s simple, dignified and manly. Plus it lets everyone know he’s a member of his community, and bleeds black and yellow like the rest of them.

[Gif via Next Impulse Sports]