5 Exercises That Will Help You Perform Better In The Bedroom



If there is one thing that all men can agree with, it’s that we fancy ourselves the greatest bang of all time. We don’t like to think about our ladies with other guys (well, some do and even take it up a notch as cuckolds, but we’re getting off-topic), but do like to pry for some info on if that was the best orgasm she ever had.

The answer is always the same and in all likelihood, pure bullshit. The last guy was told the same tale and so will the next. So be proactive about it and hear the truth once and for all. If you don’t have pride in your performance, pack it up and head to the monastery.

You can certainly do what needs to be done to get done. And here are five simple suggestions that will have you on your way:


Women love guys with abs and if you are sporting anything else, then you, too, have fallen in her bullshit category. You have to look attractive and if you see a slight belly in the mirror, it appears like you are carrying triplets to her. So work that entire abdominal wall and do so with an exercise that will work and stretch your midsection.

The most important thing that you should be concentrating on here is perfect form. Do not worry about how many reps you can do in each set. Ten will be plenty if you do them right and not let your momentum do the work for you. Regardless of how many reps you can do, four sets worth before every workout will help you eventually see that six-pack.


Besides abs, the next thing on your body that she will stare at is your ass. And the best way to make it a plus and not a minus is by doing your basic barbell squats. This is one of the staple compound movements that should be a part of every training program and how much weight you do is not important, but rather the form and range of motion.

By going just past the parallel mark, you are working those glute muscles hard and also your quads and hamstrings. Again, four sets will suffice and start off with a weight that you can handle for 10-12 good reps. Then go slightly higher in the subsequent sets.


This is a great core exercise and will strengthen up a litany of muscles, such as your abs, lower back, legs and even biceps. Hold that position for one full minute to start off and give yourself a short 30-second rest period in between each of the four sets. As you get better at planks, hold it for two or three minutes, but keep the rest no longer than 45-to-60 seconds.

It also helps build stamina and doing so in a fixed position, definitely traits that can be utilized in the bedroom.


Think the missionary position for this one. And a great fringe benefit is that you will build your chest into one that will make her proud to hug with afterwards. The secondary muscles worked with the bench press are the shoulders and triceps, and they, too, will help here. You can’t put all of your weight on her while having sex so having a strong base and the ability to hold yourself up for an extended period of time will go a long way.


Last but not least, you can perform Kegal exercises basically at any time and often. Tighten the muscle in your penis (the same one that you would do to hold in urine) and hold it for a second or two. Repeat as many times as you like but you can do four sets of 15 and do them three times throughout the day.

This will help you by achieving better orgasms and having better control over them, as well. So you can hold out without thinking about baseball (an old favorite to delay cumming) and let her have one more before finishing.

Even better is when women do regular Kegal exercises. It strengthens their pelvic muscles and can make her vagina tighter. Don’t believe it? Ask her to do one while you’re inside her.

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