Fat-Shaming Twitter Turns Its Wrath On Ezekiel Elliott, Who Appears To Be Carb-Loading This Offseason

Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Save your “Training camp is still three months away!” and your “The camera angle is unflattering!” for someone who values reason over fat-shaming. Not this guy. I see an NFL player getting porky in the offseason and I’m all over it like Ryan Fitzpatrick at a Golden Corral soft serve machine.

A photo of Ezekiel Elliot, the man who led the league last season with 1,400+ yards, has gone viral due to his bloated appearance this offseason.

Elliott shared a photo from “Von Miller Day” in DeSoto, Texas looking portly and NFL Twitter did what they do best: over-react. And I’m here for it.

For perspective:

NFL fans gave Zeke the Eddie Lacy treatment, shaming him for living his best offseason life.

A photo from the same day determines that angles matter.

Ezekiel Elliott Fat Determination: Inconclusive.

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