Fans Accuse Aaron Rodgers Of Faking His Leg Injury So He Could Make A Heroic Comeback

Fans Accuse Aaron Rodgers Faking Injury

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Poor Aaron Rodgers just can’t catch a break with NFL fans outside of Green Bay. It doesn’t matter that he is one of the best quarterbacks of his or any generation, NFL fans just refuse to cut the guy any slack whatsoever.

Everything from the size of his contract to who is or was in a relationship with seems to be fair game for criticism (even from his current girlfriend’s dad).

Bro can’t even get injured without NFL fans climbing all over him for allegedly “faking” it to make himself look good.

To be fair, that right there, didn’t look very good for Rodgers’ prospects of playing again on Sunday, and perhaps even longer.

But there he was, limping on to the field for the second half and driving his Packers to an epic comeback against their heated rivals the Chicago Bears.

Naturally, the internet being the internet, many on social media questioned the validity of Rodgers’ leg injury, even comparing him to Paul Pierce’s infamous return from a “devastating” injury in the NBA Finals.

Not everyone was hating on A-Rodg though. Some guy named LeBron James seemd pretty impressed.

Of course, that comment just fed the trolls even more.

Never change, internet.


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