Fed Up NFL Fans Are Demanding Amazon Refund Prime Memberships After Back-To-Back Terrible TNF Games

NFL fans are fed up that they have to pay extra for terrible games on Amazon Prime.

Last week, the NFL world wondered if they had seen the worst football game of all-time.

This weeks was not much better as both teams failed to score a touchdown in the first half of the game.

An amazing stat points out that teams have not scored a touchdown in 40 consecutive offensive possessions going into halftime of the Bears-Commanders game.

Fed up fans are now demanding Prime membership refunds from Amazon.

“Like I said last week, thought last week was bad wait until this week. Jeff Bezos needs to refund our accounts for our Prime memberships asap.”

Imagine paying for Amazon Prime to watch this game? Amazon should refund everyone for the month of October for subjecting us to this

“Amazon Prime needs a refund on TNF because these games have been trash”

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