Betting Expert Reveals The Insane Amount Of Money You Would’ve Won By Predicting This Year’s Final 4

A basketball rests atop an NCAA Tournament bracket.

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This year has provided viewers with one of the crazier NCAA Tournaments in recent memory. The season has been the perfect definition of the term ‘March Madness.’

We’ve seen a number of upsets throughout the Big Dance, starting with Furman’s shocking win over Virigina, then continuing on with Fairleigh Dickinson’s improbable upset of No. 1 seed Purdue.

Now, we enter the season’s final weekend.

This year’s field has made history as the first Final Four group to not feature a No. 1, No. 2, or No. 3 seed. UCONN enters as the lowest seed in the remaining bracket, sitting on the four-line. Miami and San Diego State are five seeds while Florida Atlantic is a nine seed.

That’s a stark contrast to last season when we saw a quartet of Blue Bloods in Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, and Villanova.

While fans can argue about the lack of star power and box offices might see a slight dip average ticket price, the tournament has been far from disappointing. The unpredictability of the event is what makes college basketball great.

It’s also made for fun at the sportsbooks as fans flock to place their wagers on matchups and outcomes. Some lucky bettors were able to successfully predict this year’s Final Four field, albeit, after the round of 32 had wrapped up.

Still, those 1,000-to-1 odds help a pair of gamblers turn $25 parlays into $25k payouts.

But what if you’d accurately picked each of this year’s Final Four teams prior to the tournament’s start? Betting expert John Ewing has filled fans in on just how much you could’ve won in this year’s Big Dance.


UCONN was really the only remaining Final Four team considered a title contender at tournament’s start. Many likely had the other three losing over the first weekend of action.

And they were nearly right as all three battled in hard-fought opening wins in the round of 64. Since then, though, their play has only gotten better.

We’ll soon see which of these teams emerges as national champions. Connecticut remains the favorite due to their dominant play over the first four rounds.

While that $4.4M pot would’ve offered a gigantic payout, I’ve yet to see anyone claim to have picked this combination of Final Four teams at the start of their bracket.