Floyd Mayweather Has $123 Million in One Bank Account, Because Floyd Mayweather Is Insane

But back to how he flaunts it: Mayweather has never been shy about publicly announcing his multi-million dollar bets, or his private jets or his—fuck, I can't think of any more “-et” words to rhyme here—and even though the boxer has maybe pocketed more over the past five years than any other athlete alive, you get the sense he doesn't take great care of his winnings.

Exhibit No. 7,308, from ESPN today:

Floyd is watching me watch [his bank slip] as my eyes attempt to focus on the balance. I look at the numbers spread out across the thermal paper…. I look up to see Floyd smiling. He begins to laugh…. I look down one more time to make sure I got it right. And yes, it's right there, 11 numbers long.

There is more than $123 million in Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s bank account.

He nods, folds the slip and says, “One account, baby.”


Yes. Floyd Mayweather is currently sitting on a bank account worth millions more than what the FDIC insures. It's all in one account. It's just sitting there. Floyd Mayweather's financial planner is a blow-up doll with a monocle.

[H/T: The Big Lead]