Floyd Mayweather Likely Made $35 Million, Logan Paul $5 Million In PPV Sales After Reportedly Selling 1 Million PPVs

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  • Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul reportedly sold 1 million $50 PPVs for their fight this weekend
  • Mayweather likely made $35 million and Paul $5 million from PPV sales alone
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The initial PPV sales numbers are in for last weekend’s Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul numbers and they are massive.

According to a report from Boxing Scene, which was later confirmed by The Athletic’s Mike Coppinger, the Mayweather-Paul fight sold over 1 million PPVs which was priced at $50.

Via Boxing Scene

While still early, industry sources are indicating that Showtime is projecting at least 1 million buys (or slightly more) domestically – which includes cable, satellite, and streaming.

The mad dash to purchase the pay-per-view on Sunday night created server issues, which affected some online consumers who were trying to stream the event on Showtime’s website and app. The network would later issue a statement, indicating that they will offer refunds to anyone who was unable to access the show.

A network source at Showtime confirmed to BoxingScene.com, that Sunday was the biggest single-day of new subscription signups since the launch of Showtime’s streaming service in 2015.

Sportico did the math and figured out what Mayweather and Paul made if they actually sold 1 million PPVs as reported.

Via Sportico

Multiple reports have said Mayweather was guaranteed $10 million plus 50% of the pay-per-view haul. Paul was reported to have secured $250,000 and 10% of the pay-per-view haul. With those splits and roughly 1 million buys, Mayweather’s payday will be at least $35 million, with Paul’s at least $5 million.

Both Mayweather and Paul likely made millions more in sponsorship deals on top of what they earned via PPV sales. According to Mayweather he made an extra $30 million from sponsorships leading up to Sunday’s fight.

“My trunks alone, just my trunks alone, $30 million. Just with the patches on my trunks, that’s $30 million,

Not bad for an exhibition.