Floyd Mayweather Announces He’s Going To Fight Logan Paul On Feb. 20th

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Floyd Mayweather is apparently jumping back into the boxing ring to face one of the Paul brothers.

A week after Jake Paul viciously knocked out Nate Robinson, Mayweather announced he would be taking on Jake’s brother, Logan, in an exhibition bout on February 20th.


The fight will be broadcast via Fanmio PPV and is currently available for $24.99 for those who want to pay for it now but the price will increase to $59.99 in late December.

Mayweather’s last foray in the ring was against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa who he absolutely destroyed for a quick payday.

Paul faced Youtuber KSI and lost in their rematch last year.

While Paul probably outweighs Mayweather by about 30-40 pounds this should be a quick and easy fight for Mayweather who is probably looking to capitalize on the Paul brothers’ fame after the Nate Robinson knockout.