Some Genius Photoshopped Gritty The Philadelphia Flyers Mascot Into Stock Images And It Is Haunting

by 6 months ago

The Philadelphia Flyers unveiled Gritty to the world, their new mascot, and he has already become one the most popular overnight mascot in sports history. The memes of Gritty have been running rampant for days and one genius (below) photoshopped Gritty into the background of a bunch of stock images and the resulting photographs looks like something out of a horror film.

Gritty won over a lot of Philadelphians when he threatened the Pittsburgh Penguins’ mascot on Day 1 by telling him to ‘sleep with one eye open’, pouring gasoline on the already heated rivalry between the Flyers and Penguins. Gritty’s first day ended with him tweeting a picture where he mimicked an iconic magazine cover from Kim Kardashian.

Here are those memorable tweets.


Another Day 1 highlight included Gritty busting ass on the ice in his debut. You’d think that the steam would’ve settled on Gritty’s epic Day 1 as the Flyers’ new mascot but you’d be wrong.

Gritty is a meme machine. From the moment Gritty was debuted the memes started rolling in and rightfully so.

The memes are all fine and dandy but Twitter user @Benstonium has taken it to another level by photoshopping Gritty into the background of stock images and created a new haunting genre that’s sure to develop even more throughout the season.

You could turn this into a movie poster for the next Stephen King film and it would be totally legi.

This might be the creepiest of the lot.

I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, but this one had me laughing. I know it’s a sad photograph. They’re all crying. But Gritty’s face is priceless.

The best things are left unseen.

I think it’s safe to assume that Gritty will dominate that meme scene in the 2018-2019 NHL season once it kicks off next week. The Flyers aren’t a favorite to win the Stanley Cup this year but they’re certainly in the discussion. Here’s what the latest odds look like as we move one day closer to the NHL 2018-2019 season opener:

Maple Leafs +850
Bruins +900
Lightning +900
Predators +1000
Golden Knights +1100
Penguins +1200
Capitals +1300
Sharks +1400
Flyers +2900
Devils +4100
Rangers +6000

I kind of think this Gritty distraction is genius. When the team is down and failing to win they can just drop some fire hot memes and change the sports media narrative about how Philly is dominating the NHL social media scene. It’ll be an easy deflection.

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