The Germany Soccer Coach Has Now Covered His Fingers In His Sweat Sniffed Them On Camera Three Separate Times

german soccer coach


Everyone loves their own musk. You have to. Imagine if your own musk made you physically ill. You’d just walk around all day gagging and vomitting on your shoes. That sounds like the worst thing imaginable. Is that a real thing people could suffer from? Because that would suck.

Well, it seems as if Germany’s national soccer team head coach Joachim Löw really loves his own musk. So much so, that keeps dipping his fingers into the sweat swamps of his body and giving them a good ole’ sniffy-sniff.

Quick finger walk down to the ballsack emporium to see what fresh new scents they’ve been cooking up:

Digging out a quick poop nugget to give himself a wakeup call:

And no full body exam is complete without some Pit Play:

Listen, everyone has their likes and dislikes. One of my friends from school had an ex-boyfriend who got off by simulating rape in the bedroom. Obviously, she cut that one off real quick, but in reality, he was just a dude trying to get his nut. Löw’s just a dude out here trying to find his niche. He just happens to be finding his groove on camera. Is that all his fault? No but, you know, also, maybe he could live out his fetishes off the field.

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