49ers George Kittle Is Against NFL’s New Thursday Night Football Change: ‘I’m In Multiple Car Accidents Every Sunday’

George Kittle

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers‘ All-Pro tight end George Kittle has spoken out against the NFL’s new Thursday Night Football plans which allow for multiple such games per season, stating that the recovery process after games is already brutal enough.

Kittle, who recently appeared on Theo Von’s podcast, This Past Weekend, likened playing in a football game to being in “multiple car accidents every Sunday.”

Kittle explained that after games, he must dedicate a significant amount of time to his recovery routine, which he describes as “brutal.” He stated that if he isn’t playing football, he’s doing recovery work to ensure his body can withstand the physical toll of the sport. The addition of another Thursday night game to the schedule, Kittle argues, is a terrible idea, given the toll it would take on players’ bodies.

The San Francisco 49ers tight end went on to detail his recovery process, explaining that Mondays are dedicated to a lower-body lift to ensure his muscles don’t stiffen up. Tuesdays, on the other hand, are the most difficult days, as Kittle feels the effects of the previous game. He stated that after games on the East Coast, the journey home can take a toll on the body, adding to the already tough recovery process.

Kittle’s comments echo those of former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who, during an appearance on the Colbert Show five years ago, claimed that playing football was worse than being in a car crash. Brady explained that he had been in a car crash before and that the experience was not as bad as being hit on the football field.

Thursday Night Football

The NFL has faced criticism over the years regarding player safety, particularly in regards to head injuries. The league has taken steps to address these concerns, including implementing concussion protocols and reducing the number of full-contact practices allowed during the season. However, with players like Kittle speaking out against the physical toll the sport takes on their bodies, it remains to be seen whether the NFL will take any further steps to protect their players’ health and well-being.

As the debate surrounding player safety in the NFL continues, it is clear that the physical demands of the sport take a significant toll on the athletes who play it. With players like George Kittle speaking out against the new Thursday Night Football plans, it remains to be seen whether the league will listen to their concerns and take action to protect their players’ health.