Wait, Gilbert Arenas Bet How Much The Cavs Would Win The NBA Finals???

Gilbert Arenas Strip Club

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Ah Agent Zero, how we’ve missed your poor decision making skills. The current breed of NBA players are too soft to nearly get in a gun fight with a teammate over a $1,110 card game. But it’s been four years since Gilbert has worn an NBA jersey and I’d like to think he’s grown up a bit–maybe using whats left of his $140 million NBA earnings to set up a fund for his kids’ college education or investing his money wisely in diversified stocks. Why the fuck was I kidding.

Hibachi took to Instagram to let his 344,000 followers know that he was going ALL IN on the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the NBA finals, to the tune of a half MILLION. Forget that they will likely have to play one of the greatest teams ever assembled, Gilbert ain’t got time for your logic.


I just realized who #cavs were playing today lmaoooooo i just put $500k on #2016cavschamps..congrats #OHIO…while GS and OKC beat shit out of each…cavs are playing a first round team in the #easternconferanceFinals smdh sorry #toronto u have better chance seeing #obama get a 3rd term then beating the cavs hahahaha lets be honest UR last year #2014-2015 team would have blown this years toronto group out the building…#lowry #derozan, #ross and #drake will have to combine for 110 points to beat the cavs lmaoo #nobullshit drake has more of an impact on a game, then the rest of that team will hahaha FOOTBALL season must be near becuz my TV program says CAVS has a #byeweek….whoever cavs face in the CHIP will be #muthafuckntired UMMM can the NBA just replay LAST nights game tonight? i do not wanna see the Cavs play the D-League ALL-STARS tonight lmaoo i know they call themselves #The6 #realshit they just might NEED 6 players on the court at all times hahahaha

If someone could help me translate his follow up post, I’d greatly appreciate it.


#torontofans outside trying to figure out WHATS GOING ON..Mean While #CavsFan outside creating new dancing for the summer #WorkOut #WorkOut hahahaha how u gonna win a series and ur center goes by the name ( Biyombo) what is that in AMERICA #Bizmarkie?? I knew that was him…(u say hes just a friend,u say hes just a friend,OH CANADA YOU…got what #cavs Neeeed) (they treating the raptors like HOES..get alittle ASS and get out of there) hahahaha #cavFansLIT

Damn Gilbert, good luck. You may as well have just burned that cash or invested in Blockbuster Video. It’s gone brah.


[h/t Busted Coverage]