G League Coach Suspended 2 Games For Heated Rant Calling Refs ‘Illegal And Cheating’

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I love a good coaching rant or meltdown. In this respect, I’m partial to the sport of baseball where once managers realize they’ve been or are about to be tossed from a game they’ll completely lose their shit on the umpires but I equally appreciate when a basketball or hockey coach goes all-in, you just don’t seem to see it as often in these other sports.

On Sunday, G League coach Chase Buford, lost his mind on the refs. Chase is the head coach of the Wisconsin Herd, the G League affiliate of the Milwaukee Bucks who coincidentally clinched their playoff spot on Sunday thanks to a Washington Wizards loss (even though the Bucks didn’t have a Sunday game).

According to CBS Sports, the Wisconsin Here were riding a 5-game win streak going into Sunday’s game against the Grand Rapids Drive and they held a 39-25 lead after the first quarter and they held a 21 point lead going into the 4th quarter before everything turned to shit.

The way coach Chase Buford tells it in his rant, it was the referee’s fault his team lost 127-117. His rant is amazing, and one that’s landed him a 2-game suspension from the league. Here’s that rant via Twitter and YouTube so you can choose your preferred medium to watch the clip:


If you’d rather read his rant than watch the amazing clip then here’s a transcript of what he had to say about the referees in that game:

The officiating definitely went right for Grand Rapids. That was as unprofessional as an officiating performance — I hope you tweet this out and tag the league, because that was embarrassing. Matt Rafferty is a fucking clown. That being said, we have to be so much better at the end of games. We can’t blow a 21-point lead with 12 minutes to go. However bad and biased and unfair and illegal and cheating the referees are, we have to be better closing games. So that’s the way I feel.

The Wisconsin Herd aren’t imposing any additional punishments or suspensions on Chase Buford for his heated rant. The G League handed down the 2-game suspension.

The Wisconsin Herd are back in action tonight (Tuesday) against the Deleware Blue Coats as the Herd looks to hold onto their #1 spot in the G League Eastern Conference Standings.

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