Jared Goff’s GF Christen Harper Unveils New Swimsuit Line With BFF Elizabeth Turner

christen harper jared goff nfl honors new swimsuit line elizabeth turner

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Christen Harper, the fiancee of NFL quarterback Jared Goff, revealed this week that she has started a new swimsuit line with her friend and fellow model Elizabeth Turner.

Harper announced in a recent Instagram post to her 443,000 followers, “We couldn’t be more excited to officially announce the launch of our BFF collection we designed together in collaboration with @b_swim!!!! We had so much fun designing this collection- which is inspired by all of our bestie travel adventures!! We can’t wait to show you the rest of the suits from the collection in the mean time- hustle to the links in our bios to start shopping! It’s already selling out 🙏🏼 and we could not have done this without the incredible @b_swim fam! Love you all so much.”

Christen Harper appeared earlier this year on the web show Women of the League with Josie Leinart (wife of former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart), Isaac Rochell’s wife Allison, Jeff Smith’s wife Kym Jackson and Dalton Risner’s wife Whitney.

In episode four of the show, Harper and the other ladies complained about being looked at as “gold-diggers.”

“I feel like I totally relate to that,” Harper said. “I think that’s the number one comment, not, I don’t get it all the time, but I think it’s goes unsaid a lot or people just assume things about you. They assume that you don’t have a job or you’re not doing anything outside of following your husband around or fiance around. And I think so many of the women that I know in the league are working hard at their careers or they’re doing amazing things, like, in the community. They’re doing so much more than just chasing a bag. Like, that’s just not the reality. Like I haven’t met any women that are doing that. Like, it’s not the norm and it’s I think it’s something that’s just been portrayed and it’s, you know, it’s just not the truth.”

Case in point…

Christen Harper and Jared Goff, if you can believe it, met on the dating app Raya.

“I was truly not looking for anything at the time,” she said. “I had just gotten out of a long relationship and I was like, trying to stay single for a year. And then I met him and the rest is history, baby.”

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