Top Junior Golfers Square Off Against Jordan Spieth And Jason Day In A Heated Game Of Golf Skee-Ball

The world’s best golfers are in and around the greater New York City area this week(end) as they compete in the 2017 President’s Cup. Jordan Spieth and Jason Day are competing at Liberty National across the river from Manhattan, but they took some time last night to head into the city and film a segment for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy combined Golf and Skee-Ball into one game, and he brought out Jason and Jordan to compete against three of the best Junior golfers in the world (3 young kids). The kids had no idea that Jimmy Fallon was going to bring out the world’s best golfers, so this was the surprise of a lifetime for them. My favorite reaction was the smallest/youngest kid who tried to play it cool and act like it wasn’t that big of a deal, a facade that lasted for about 5 seconds before he ran over and hugged the life out of Jason Day.

I initially thought these kids were going to get rocked in this competition but I forgot that they’re world-class golfers (for their ages), and Jimmy Fallon’s a late night TV show host whose claim to fame when it comes to golf is his best friend (Justin Timberlake) is a scratch golfer. After taking that into consideration, I wasn’t too shocked to see the kid golfers beat the best in the world.

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