Inspire Yourself with This Excellent Compilation of ‘Great Moments in Sports Movies’



“Soul Surfer”(2011)

“Field of Dreams”(1989)

“Tin Cup”(1996)

“We are Marshall”(2006)

“Remember the Titans”(2000)

“Friday Night Lights”(2004)

“Chariots of Fire”(1981)

“Jerry Maguire”(1996)


“The Natural”(1984)


“Glory Road” (2006)

“Hoosiers” (again) (1986)

“Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”(2004)

“The Karate Kid”(1984)

“Coach Carter” (2005)

“Happy Gilmore” (You like that old man?) (1996)

“Million Dollar Baby” (Damn Girl) (2004)


“Rocky IV” (1985)

“Cinderella Man”(2005)

“The Longest Yard”(2005)

“A League of Their Own”(1992)

“The Natural” (again) (1984)

“Angels in the Outfield”(1994)

“Hardball” (2001)