Check Out This Grown Ass Man Hysterically Crying In The Stands After Michigan Shit The Bed Last Night


Don’t get me wrong, I am emotionally invested in sports. Like way more than I should be. I didn’t eat the whole day after the Patriots lost the first Super Bowl to the Giants on the helmet catch. But fuck, man. Pull it together. Don’t you have a wife? Kids? A job? Aren’t you able to find meaning elsewhere. Ya it was a heart wrenching loss, but sobbing in the stands over a regular season college football game like a fucking sally is just another level of pathetic. Button it up, bro. To give you some perspective: half of these kids your spilling your emotions over aren’t even legally eligible to drink a beer. They probably wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. And here you are making the rounds on the internet because you’re invested in a  team who wouldn’t throw you a life vest if you were drowning in your own tears. Bitch.