This Guy Doing Jean-Claude Van Damme Splits While Holding 100-Pounds Over His Head Is Your New Hero

First order of business: This is impressive.

Second order of business: Is this real?

Well, friends, what has two thumbs, thinks blow jobs are just “OK” and has no idea if this video is real? THIS GUY. However, here is what the folks at Jukin Media who uploaded the video had to say.

“In an attempt to spread the word about “Hardcore Stretching”, this man did chair splits, which were impressive by itself, while lifting 100lb barbell above his head.”

You’re a sensible person. You think rational thoughts. On one side your brain is all like, “Well, this guy is jacked, so it’s possible that he’s really holding 100lb barbell over his head.” Meanwhile, the other side of your brain is saying, “What kind of monster would throw that amount of weight on their living room floor? Also, I agree with J.Camm blow jobs are just alright.” See, I told you that you were sensible, rational and all sorts of other good shit.

J.Camm is the Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of BroBible.