How Superstitious Are NFL Fan Bases?

Well, maybe this is proof that ridiculously antiquated beliefs that take us back to our pagan days actually work, because look who won the Super Bowl hoo hum hum dee. Or not, because the number two most superstitious fanbase is the Arizona Cardinals and they put their faith in Carson Palmer. 

What's more fascinating about the survey is some of the side information Bud Light dug up. Panthers fans—PANTHERS FANS—are four times more likely to have a relationship end because of a superstition. That means that some drunk in North Carolina would rather his girlfriend dump him than wash his Kerry Collins jersey during the season. Good work, Panther fans. Also big, fat Bills fans eat the same thing each week. HOW'S EJ MANUEL'S KNEE? IF ONLY YOU HADN'T HAD RANCH DIP INSTEAD OF BLUE CHEESE WITH YOUR WINGS THAT WEEK.

Ha. I'm just kidding. I don't even know if EJ Manuel's alive anymore. See the whole chart below. 

[Via Anheuser Busch]