Indianapolis Colts Star Supports Surprising Head Coaching Candidate

Indianapolis Colts star Shaquille Leonard

Getty Image / Justin Casterline

The Indianapolis Colts’ coaching search continues to drag on.

Despite having fired their head coach in the middle of the season and going through multiple rounds of interviews, they still haven’t seemed to find the right man for the job.

Today, they removed 3 more coaches from their list of candidates.

As the Colts’ players continue to wait to learn who will lead them next season, one of their stars has thrown his support behind a surprising candidate.

During an appearance on today’s Pat McAfee Show, Shaquille Leonard revealed that he thinks Jeff Saturday would be very successful with a full offseason to prepare for a season with the Colts.

You need to cut that out. I can’t stand that. Man, listen, Jeff came in with the right mindset — that he wasn’t going to sit back and allow just bad play. He demanded excellence from everybody. That offensive line — I mean, of course, everybody’s going to criticize that offensive line, you see they got better, didn’t they? He came in and made sure that everybody knew exactly what was at stake and what he wanted from each and every player.

We’d go play the game and we’d blow a lead or something, that next meeting was what would’ve been needed. I’m going to call you out. I’m going to put you on the big screen and let you know that this is unacceptable.

It’s a surprising stance for him to take on Saturday. His first half of a season with the Colts did not go particularly well.

The Colts went 1-7 with Saturday as their head coach and had the biggest blown lead in league history.

Still, it seems the Colts aren’t overly impressed by their other options. If Saturday has the support of the Indianapolis Colts’ locker room, that could end up being all it takes for him to drop the interim part of his title.